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Loving Someone With Anxiety

Dealing with an anxiety disorder is hard, but loving someone with an anxiety disorder can be equally as difficult. If your partner suffers from extreme anxiety, they may have panic attacks, constantly

ISBN10 : 1608826120 , ISBN13 : 9781608826124

Page Number : 200

Loving Someone With Bipolar Disorder

Many of the techniques in this book take some time to get started. The beauty of adding laughter and joy to your relationship is that you can start immediately. You can get started today. In fact, you

ISBN10 : 1458717771 , ISBN13 : 9781458717771

Page Number : 344

Loving Someone With Ocd

People who suffer from mental illness rarely do so alone. Their families and loved ones face their own set of unique challenges-problems that deserve their own resources and sources of support. This i

ISBN10 : 1608827739 , ISBN13 : 9781608827732

Page Number : 184

Loving Someone With Ptsd

A recognized trauma expert and author offers strategies, including improving communication skills, setting realistic expectations and creating a healthy environment for those struggling to live with a

ISBN10 : 9781608827862 , ISBN13 : 1608827860

Page Number : 240

Loving Someone With Asperger S Syndrome

If you’re in a relationship with someone who has Asperger’s syndrome, it’s likely that your partner sometimes seems cold and insensitive. Other times, he or she may have emotional outbursts for

ISBN10 : 1608820785 , ISBN13 : 9781608820788

Page Number : 216

Anxious In Love

Healthy relationships require trust, intimacy, effective communication, and understanding. However, if you suffer from chronic anxiety you may have trouble dealing with everyday conflicts and tensions

ISBN10 : 1608822338 , ISBN13 : 9781608822331

Page Number : 208

When Someone You Love Is Depressed

Shows family and friends of those suffering from depression how to understand their own reactions and feelings and how to avoid damaging a relationship

ISBN10 : 0684834073 , ISBN13 : 9780684834078

Page Number : 262