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Hardcore Self Help

This book about dealing with anxiety is written in a conversational way that includes swearing.

ISBN10 : 9781514866009 , ISBN13 : 1514866005

Page Number : 70

Hardcore Self Help

Hardcore Self Help: F**k Depression is the follow up to the best-selling F**K Anxiety. In this book I take the information, tips, and insights that I have gained as a psychologist and translate them i

ISBN10 : 9781530039104 , ISBN13 : 153003910X

Page Number : 150

Rewire Your Anxious Brain

Do you ever wonder what is happening inside your brain when you feel anxious, panicked, and worried? In Rewire Your Anxious Brain, psychologist Catherine Pittman and author Elizabeth Karle offer a uni

ISBN10 : 9781458793898 , ISBN13 : 1458793893

Page Number : 336


The Tenth Anniversary Edition of the New York Times bestselling book that has sold over half a million copies in paperback. "I was addicted to "Bewitched" as a kid. I worshipped Darren Stevens the Fir

ISBN10 : 1466844302 , ISBN13 : 9781466844308

Page Number : 304

You Are Being Lied To

This book acts as a battering ram against the distortions, myths and outright lies that have been shoved down our throats by the government, the media, corporations, organized religion, the scientific

ISBN10 : 9780966410075 , ISBN13 : 0966410076

Page Number : 399


Barry Joe McDonagh ("Joe Barry"), a native of Ireland, developed his anti-anxiety plan while studying at the University College of Dublin (UCD). His thoughts on anxiety and panic disorders were first

ISBN10 : 9780994418609 , ISBN13 : 0994418604

Page Number : 240

Nick Drake S Pink Moon

This book explores how a tiny acoustic record (Pink Moon) has puttered and purred its way into a new millennium. Amanda Petrusich interviews producer Joe Boyd, string arranger Robert Kirby, and eventh

ISBN10 : 0826427901 , ISBN13 : 9780826427908

Page Number : 120

The Anglosphere

The Anglosphere refers to a community of English-speaking states, nations, and societies centered on Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, which has profoundly inf

ISBN10 : 0804777691 , ISBN13 : 9780804777698

Page Number : 272

The Upward Spiral

Depression can feel like a downward spiral, pulling you into a vortex of sadness, fatigue, and apathy. In The Upward Spiral, neuroscientist Alex Korb demystifies the intricate brain processes that cau

ISBN10 : 9781458793935 , ISBN13 : 1458793931

Page Number : 330

How To Be Happy Or At Least Less Sad

HOW TO BE HAPPY (OR AT LEAST LESS SAD) is a workbook offering a place of solace, distraction, and a fresh perspective on life. This book will not fix you and it will not make you happy, but it promise

ISBN10 : 9781785031588 , ISBN13 : 1785031589

Page Number : 160