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Anxiety And Avoidance

Do you suffer from panic, anxiety, and fear in your day-to-day life? Do you often avoid social situations, activities like driving, or even going to the store because of a fear of being overwhelmed or

ISBN10 : 1608826716 , ISBN13 : 9781608826711

Page Number : 192

Mind And Emotions

Combines cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical-behavior therapy and acceptance-and-commitment therapy in order to pinpoint the seven unhealthy coping styles that are at the root of all suffering a

ISBN10 : 1608820157 , ISBN13 : 9781608820153

Page Number : 190

Aarp Face Your Fears

AARP Digital Editions offer you practical tips, proven solutions, and expert guidance. AARP Face Your Fears shows you how to reclaim your life from crippling anxiety with a revolutionary step-by-step

ISBN10 : 1118442385 , ISBN13 : 9781118442388

Page Number : 293

Overcoming The Fear Of Fear

Anxiety isn't all in your head. When you feel nervous, symptoms such as chills, sweating, heart palpitations, and shaking can affect your whole body. If you worry that others notice these anxiety symp

ISBN10 : 1608825353 , ISBN13 : 9781608825356

Page Number : 216

My Anxious Mind

Discusses common anxieties and outlines several tools and techniques for dealing with phobias, anxieties, and panic attacks.

ISBN10 : 9781433804502 , ISBN13 : 1433804506

Page Number : 196

Digging Out

Discusses preventive measures and treatments for compulsive hoarding, in a book designed to help loved ones of hoarders use harm reduction to aid hoarders in living a safe and comfortable life.

ISBN10 : 1572245948 , ISBN13 : 9781572245945

Page Number : 188

The Now Effect

Outlines practical techniques for making permanent healthy changes by breaking free of self-sabotaging habitual beliefs while connecting with genuine priorities.

ISBN10 : 1451623860 , ISBN13 : 9781451623864

Page Number : 267

Chronic Resilience

44 million between 20 and 65 live with one or more chronic diseases. Chronic illness comes with stress, and Chronic Resilience provides a complete self-help blueprint for managing the difficulties chr

ISBN10 : 1573245941 , ISBN13 : 9781573245944

Page Number : 256

Triumph Over Fear

The National Institute of Mental Health calls anxiety disorders the most common mental health problem in America. They are also among the most treatable. Yet tens of millions of people struggle with h

ISBN10 : 9780307574121 , ISBN13 : 0307574121

Page Number : 320