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Your Drug May Be Your Problem

When first published in 1999, Your Drug May Be Your Problem was ahead of its time. The only book to provide an uncensored description of the dangers involved in taking every kind of psychiatric medica

ISBN10 : 073821180X , ISBN13 : 9780738211800

Page Number : 336

Telling Stories?

Telling Stories? explores the contemporary state of affairs with regards to the understanding and treatment of psychosis. An inclusive approach to mental distress requires that that in order to truly

ISBN10 : 185575875X , ISBN13 : 9781855758759

Page Number : 141

The Method Of Levels

Based on Perceptual Control Theory, this therapeutic method leaves the patient in control with no interference from the therapist. Carey shows how to ask very simple questions about background thought

ISBN10 : 0974015547 , ISBN13 : 9780974015545

Page Number : 178

Perceptual Control Theory

These introductions and readings provide a comprehensive range of information for the study of Perceptual Control Theory—papers, books, book reviews, resources on-line, demos and tutorial programs f

ISBN10 : 1938090128 , ISBN13 : 9781938090127

Page Number : 424

Taking Antidepressants

Walks readers through a personalized process, helping them make the right choice about starting, staying on, and stopping antidepressants.

ISBN10 : 1934716162 , ISBN13 : 9781934716168

Page Number : 304